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Green Shoots Solutions

Green Shoots Learning has provided training services for many years, but sometimes, our clients just need something done, and they don't want to train staff on how to do it.

This is often the case in micro and small businesses, where there isn't a person to take on the task, but it still needs to be completed. The services we offer clients are shown below.

Social Media Packages

Does your social media lack impact and content? Do you struggle to have an online social presence which impacts negatively on your business?


We understand that business is no longer just conducted in the board room or over the phone – it’s online too. We can make your working day easier by managing your social media presence. We have competent, content creators and marketeers who can deliver just what you are looking for; whether it’s to be more visible, engaged or animated on social media.

Check out our three social media management packages to see which one would work for your business:

  • Twitter Classic
  • YouTube Social  Icon
  • LinkedIn App Icon
  • c-facebook