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Course Overview


Have you ever had to face or talk to an unhappy customer?  How did it make you feel and did you achieve the desired outcome?  This practical workshop examines the factors that bring about complaints and goes on to consider how we can manage client expectations and provides tips and tricks for resolving issues. We also look at the psychology of the behaviour iceberg and the behaviour cycle and how understanding these models can help you achieve the right outcome.


Course Benefits


  • Delegates will be able to defuse a customer's emotional state and resolve issues more quickly and with greater success

  • Use actively listening and in-depth questioning skills to resolve complaints

  • Increase delegates confidence using assertiveness tools



Course Prerequisites





Overall Aim


For delegates to be able to use communication skills and behaviour knowledge to help them resolve customer complaints more quickly and with greater confidence.





  • Understand what de-escalation techniques are and how to use them

  • Appreciate  your own prejudices and mind-sets and how to control these in responses

  • Be able to give examples of active listening, in-depth questioning and paraphrasing to resolve complaints

  • To describe how assertiveness can be used to resolve complaints effectively



Course Breakdown


Section 1
  • What does a difficult customer look like?

    • What do they need from us?

    • What are our service standards?

Section 2
  • What does the client looks like?

    • Client expectations

    • Managing expectations - can you realistically deliver what they want?

Section 3
  • Psychology of Behaviour

    • The Behaviour Iceberg model

    • Behaviour Cycle

    • Why people react the way they do and how our responses influence them

Section 4
  • Factors influencing how we communicate

    • What we say and how we say it

    • Attitude, mind-set, assumptions

    • Qustioning, listening and paraphrasing techniques

    • Using empathy and defusing emotions

Section 5
  • Complaints handling model

  • Using assertiveness to handle a complaint

  • The importance of follow up


Content will vary depending on workshop length chosen. Full support materials are provided via access to our virtual learning environment together with online evaluation and post-course follow-up.



Handling challenging customers

2010 - present

2010 - present

Creating flexiblity through customisation

The workshops above costs £950 + VAT based on a maximum group size of 12 delegates.


We probably can’t provide all of the answers to all of your questions online so please call us on 0333 344 4031  to discuss your requirements.


The workshop content above is provided purely as a guide as all Green Shoots Learning courses are customised to best suit your business requirements. Pre-workshop consultancy is provided for all bookings, either in person or over the telephone where we will work with you to build in your company procedures and best practice.  


All workshops and courses include full support materials accessed from The Green Shoots Academy e-learning platform, note-pad and pen, all exercises and any printed handouts required for the day, on-line evaluation, personal action cards, individual 4 week delegate follow up and a full post-workshop Client report.


Our workshops can be run on-site or at a convenient public location (we will even sort out room hire for you if needed), across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

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