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Are learning styles considering enough in E-learning?

July 9, 2015


Anyone involved in HR or Learning & Development knows that we have different learning styles which impact on how we learn and what techniques work best for us.  This isn’t anything new with Kolb’s Learning Cycle coming out in in 1974 and Honey & Mumford Learning Styles arriving in 1986 and since then there have been plenty more.


Why is it then that when it comes to e-learning, designers and providers seem to be happy to ignore all that we have learnt from the experts?


We have all sat through e-learning and clicked ‘next’ and ticked check boxes, but what about the reflectors and pragmatists amongst us and how can we cement our experiences by testing our concepts online?


In HR Magazine this week there is an interesting article where Mark Crabtree the HR Director of Durham University is discussing this very topic.  Click here to read the article. He talks about the importance of customisation and having a provider who will understand the way your business works, how your employees learn and what they need to learn.  At the end of the day there is no point having gamification if your employees do not engage with the concept.


The Green Shoots Academy has been considering learning styles and how we can best achieve e-learning content that appeals to everyone and not just the ones that ‘love playing around on computers’.  Our standard e-learning materials contain video, downloads, reading and reflecting exercises as well as more obvious ‘click through’ content.


You can create your own branded area on our platform and upload SCORM compliant content including video, quizzes and pdfs. We can also help you create content through advising on software, planning your roll out and creating storyboards.


If you are interested in developing a fully blended learning platform for your business, but are concerned about the costs or don’t know where to start, please contact us to arrange a free 1 hour consultation where we can discuss the best options for you.


Follow us on Twitter @GSLAcademy to keep up to date as over the next 6 weeks we launch our new e-learning platform.





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