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How much time do you waste?

July 22, 2015





Having run a couple of time management workshops recently and finding myself stuck in an unwanted traffic jam yesterday, and no it wasn’t anywhere exotic, just Ransoms Industrial Estate in Ipswich, it got me thinking.  How many of the 168 hours in a week do you waste in completely pointless tasks or activities?


As someone who worked in the corporate world for many years, I regularly heard myself saying ‘I’m so busy and I have so much to do’, and I’m sure that you will have said the same words in the past, or even today. So why is it that so many of us continue to spend 30-60 minutes stuck in traffic, waiting for trains or buses and I don't mean the standard travel time!


How many of you are offered flexible working hours which take into account traffic congestion or train times? I must admit my daily commute is now tiny, but I am in the minority and think myself very lucky. 


Thinking about this doesn't it makes sense  to offer alternative working hours, from an environmental point of view, staff welfare point of view and basic productivity?


I am interested in finding out how your commute impacts on your productivity. Does crawling to work, (when the same journey at a different time takes half the time) leave you stressed and in need of a hot drink and an unwind when you arrive at work?  How long does it take for you to reach a high level of effectiveness?


In the time management workshop we investigate delegates’ energy patterns and how they can use this knowledge to structure their day, but if you’re at your most effective whilst stuck in traffic, well just how much productivity are we loosing?


If you could change yours hours, would you, or have you come up with other ingenious methods of using this time rather than wasting it?  I learnt that with the engine off I could scribble a blog (although reading my notes was difficult) and I also learnt that I should have the Green Shoots Learning information on my car, as it would have been seen by an awful lot of people!

I would love to hear your views, but for now happy commuting!

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