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Experiencing Wimbledon for the 1st Time

July 4, 2016

This weekend I got an unexpected treat, and even more unexpectedly it was thanks to the awful June weather we have been having.  Due to all the rain delays, Wimbledon was really behind on its schedule and they opened the gates for People’s Sunday yesterday, and thanks to the power of social media we managed to get two tickets.


For anyone involved with Green Shoots Learning, you may already be aware that we ran a Wimbledon competition last year, which was great fun.  It was such a success that we decided to run it again this year for a few of our key clients and contacts.  So it was such a treat to be able to go and watch the some of the players who we have been following.




I’ve been a tennis fan for a while now, and have played, badly, each summer for the past few years.  So watching Kyrgios v Lopez on a nearly full Court 1 was fantastic.  It also got me thinking about how much practice, preparation, self-belief and determination these players must have to get to this level.


I know they are playing for huge rewards, but can’t we all take a little something away from their example?  At this point I could mention football, but no, let’s not go there!  It doesn’t matter what you decided to do in life, but being determined, having confidence and self-belief and above all else working hard to achieve your goals is essential.  Achieving our goals, no matter how small makes life worth living and reduces the risk of depression and unhappiness.


So you may not be playing in the 4th round of Wimbledon today, but whatever you are doing, make sure it helps you achieve a personal goal. Do it to the best of your ability and don’t get knocked down when things don’t turn out as you expected.  Life unfortunately has the ability to hit us a spin ball every so often as Lopez, Bautista, Ferrer, Djokovic, Thiem, Monfils, Simon and Isner only know to well.




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