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5 Reasons Why E-learning is the Better Way to Learn

November 30, 2016

Make yourself at home

You can learn wherever you feel most comfortable.

Some people prefer to be at their desk but maybe sat in bed with a cup of tea is where you concentrate best. You may be a morning person and want to get right at it at 6am or maybe at 7pm you want to get studying, e-learning works with whatever works for you. E-learning is available and easily accessible 24/7.


There’s no Classroom pressure

There isn’t the pressure of being in a room full of your peers waiting on your answer or the teacher moving on before you’re ready. You can take your time and answer in privacy. A key part in learning is learning from your mistakes and there’s no need to be afraid to make them. The worst that can happen is you complete a task again but Brenda on the next desk doesn’t need to know. 


You will learn more

We are all used to a more interactive world, E-learning requires you to do a little more than read a page or listen to a teacher. Answer quizzes or complete simulations to learn by doing, this will keep you involved in the learning and engaged with the learning material. You receive instant results so you can work on the areas you know are weaker for you.



You can learn at your own pace

There isn’t the competitive feel of keeping up with those around you in a classroom. If it takes you a little longer to get your head round something it won’t effect anyone else. Take your time and get the most out of the material you’re studying. This will improve your learning and enhance productivity a lot more than a classroom full of different learner speeds.



It’s a lot better for the environment!

E-learning removes paper waste from the learning process. Everything is online and there’s no need to print a thing but you can still find everything with a couple of clicks. Keep track of your progress with online reporting and electronic certificates. Everything is in one place waiting for you whenever you need it.

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