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What is Microlearning & is it on your radar for 2017?

January 6, 2017

E-learning isn’t new it’s been around for years but I’ve never seen it take off in the way I thought it would.  Maybe it’s because there is a lack of resource in in-house HR departments, maybe it’s a lack of skills or it’s just too big a project for smaller businesses.


Microlearning sounds like a new fad but really, it’s what we try and do in Learning & Development all the time.  It’s proven that people quickly lose interest, which is why face to face training must include so many different elements and content types to make it effective.  So, it’s not surprising that Microlearning is on the radar. 


Microlearning is simply taking a large topic and breaking it down into smaller, more manageable chunks.  Not only is this great for the delegate taking the course, as it keeps them engaged, doesn’t take up too much time and they achieve a result quickly. It is also great for those of us developing the content.  We don’t have to sit for hours creating an amazing, shiny, interactive show stopper.  We can create simple yet effective modules which we can lead an employee through to a great outcome.


The best bit is that you probably already have loads of content which is nearly ready to go.  How many PowerPoint presentations do you have for induction training, health & safety, policies and procedures?   These can quickly and easily be turned into SCORM compliant content.  This means if the content has been loaded into a learning management system, you can track how far someone has progressed through a course and report on quiz results and pass rates.


So what do you need to start introducing Microlearning into your organisation? 


Firstly, you need to think about what topics your employees need to know about.  For example, if you are a private school you will need to demonstrate that employees have not only read a policy but also understand the implications of the policy.  So, your first Microlearning modules could be taking employees through your key policies and testing them on their understanding.


Secondly you need some content, so let’s think PowerPoint slides.  If you have the key pieces of information as bullets and a few animations and transitions you can convert these slides into a video.  You could use PowerPoint, I-Spring Free, Captivate, Adobe Presenter there are lots of tools out there depending on budget and features required.   Ask yourself do you need to record any voice-over and if you do, can your employees hear it?  This can also be done directly in PowerPoint if you are using the latest version (not sure how then just ask).


Thirdly do you need to test an employee of what they have understood from the video?  If so you need to create a quiz.  There are plenty of choices when it comes to quiz tools, depending on your budget and whether you want customised branding.  There are free tools out there such as I-Spring and most of the software products which create video will also create SCORM compliant quizzes as well.


The fourth point is relevant when you want to report on progress, either for internal management or for proof of compliance for a governing body.  To report on what employees have completed and their score results, you will need to upload your content into a Learning Management System.  There are lots of options when it comes to Learning Management Systems out there, but here at Green Shoots Learning we can provide you with a secure UK based cloud Learning Management System from as a little £2.75 + VAT per user per month, that's no more than a posh coffee!


Not only can we give you the tools to prove your compliance, we can help you create content and provide "off the shelf" content on essential business areas such as Health & Safety desktop assessments or Microsoft Office 2016.  Visit the Green Shoots Academy or read more on our site  give us a call on 0333 344 4031 to discuss your requirements. With a free no-obligation quotation, and support throughout why not give it a go!


Put Microlearning on your agenda for 2017 and see what impact it has on your employees & your business!

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