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Redraft, redraft - how many versions do you have?

June 25, 2018

If you are already using OneDrive and SharePoint Online you may well be aware that versioning has always been a part of document libraries.  It's a great tool as it allows you to keep all copies of a document you have worked on, rather than just the latest copy, as with a traditional filing system.



In the past you have had to turn versioning on in a document library when you have wanted to use it, but from June Microsoft will begin to upgrade client platforms so versioning is turned on for all document libraries.  This means that you won’t be able to disabled it after the end of August but why would you want to?


With versions on;

  • you always get the most recent document when you open it;

  • you can go back and review old versions and delete versions if they are obsolete;

  • you can mark a version as a master and lock it down;

  • you can add notes to a version so you know what was done and why;

  • you automatically track all your modifications as minor versions

So sleep safe knowing that you will never overwrite an existing document ever again! You can always to go back to the previous version, if you accidentally click the "Save" button when you meant to click "Save a copy" (yes we have all done it)! 


This is all going to be happening in the background, so you and your employees just need to know how to access older versions, how to publish and maybe how to compare them side by side. 


You may not have moved your documents into the Cloud yet but what's stopping you? With this feature to help reduce risks why not give it a try.




If you would like to find out what other tools are available in SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Office 365 which will help your business call 0333 344 4031 to arrange a free 1 hour meeting.


Happy drafting!

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