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It's just got easier!

March 7, 2019

I know you know that I love tech, especially tools which just make our life easier.  So you can probably imagine my overly enthusiastic reaction to the new SharePoint page editing tools, that are now available in Office 365!  There was definitely a bit of cheering.  

You may be wondering, how on earth a sane person, could get excited about SharePoint.  Well if you have ever tried to make a SharePoint page look, can I say “sexy”, you will understand my frustration.  It was a painful, with menus that didn’t make any sense and out of date tools that didn’t fit with other areas of Office 365.  Unless you were a developer it was near-on impossible to make something look good, and we all know that user perception is heavily biased towards how something looks! 


Creating interesting and engaging SharePoint pages is now a million times easier than it ever was before, using the new web-based tool.  The old SharePoint Developer software has gone, and been replaced with a user interface that the majority of IT savvy users can use. 


It is still essential that you have a good grounding of the basic tools and features of SharePoint, in order to be able to add them to a page, but there is now need to either page for expensive template designs or pay for a developer to create you an all singing all dancing platform, unless of course you still want to. 


For those of you who have been SharePoint converts for sometime, unfortunately it isn’t going to be quite as easy to start using the new system, as it doesn’t exist in legacy builds.  Feel free to click here to find out more from Microsoft. 


Maybe it’s a good opportunity to think about how you are using SharePoint and build some new sites to work better for your employees and your business.  


Our next SharePoint workshop will be running in Bury St Edmunds on the 1  & 2 May.  If you would like to find out more click here to visit the course overview.

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