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12 days of Christmas, our gift to you …..

November 11, 2019

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” with "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack Frost nipping at your nose."


Christmas can be a wonderful time of year, but not for everyone. Christmas can be incredibly stressful.

Here’s a list of things that make me feel stressed at Christmas:


* Remembering everyone’s presents,

* Having enough wrapping paper,

* Have I sent everyone a Christmas card?

* Where to spend Christmas

* Is there enough money to pay for the presents and all the food?

* Have I scheduled in time to see family?

* Have I schedule in time to see friends?

* When do I need a babysitter and do I have one?

* Have I bought enough food?

* Is everyone happy?


When I read these back, most of them seem insignificant but when all those worries come at once it can make things difficult. There seem to be less hours in the day too because it gets dark at 4pm. So for someone who is already struggling with their mental health, Christmas time can make things even worse. Often those suffering with mental ill health can feel quite isolated, so bring Christmas into the mix, where it’s encouraged to spend time with family and friends, and you can see how easily it is to isolate yourself even further.


How much do we really know about those we work with? We may see those working late as being committed to their job, but is there something underlying going on? A classic one is those that make excuses to not come for a Christmas drink or come to the Christmas party, in some cases the excuse can be genuine, but it could be something else. Lack of confidence? Anxiety? Something going on at home? The truth is, we never really know what someone is going through. We might label them “boring” for never coming along but they may have anxiety issues that are stopping them from attending.


We should be kind, always, because we never know what battles people are fighting.


To help you help your employees, we have a little Christmas gift for you. We are offering our Mental Health half day Awareness course to all our clients at a very special price of £350 (+VAT) for up to 12 delegates (saving you over £300). This works out at less than £30 per delegate!


Our 12 days of Christmas offer allows you to give the gift of well-being to your team and help them enjoy Christmas and start 2020 with a positive outlook.


As part of this offer, we can provide a taster of a laughter yoga session. Don’t be put off by the word yoga. Laughter yoga is all about laughing and the health benefits it brings mixed with some yogic breathing (you won’t need to get into all sorts of funny positions for this, we’ll save that for your twister games on Christmas day!) This is something you can opt out of though so don’t let it put you off.


Get in touch to secure your space – we have 12 days available over Christmas and New Year (12 days of Christmas get it?)  Dates available are;


Monday 2 December, 9 December, 16 December

Wednesdays 4 December, 11 December and 18 December


Monday 13 January, 20 January and 27 January

Wednesday 15 January, 22 January and 29 January


We look forward to joining you and your team for festive cheer and a bit of laughter yoga over the coming weeks!

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