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Now available on general release ..

February 18, 2020

and we aren't talking about the latest cinema smash or Netflix box set, but good old Excel.  Yes XLOOKUP is now available on general release to all Office 365 subscribers!  


Not yet heard about XLookup, then let us introduce you to your new best friend (or function).


Microsoft have rolled out their new search and report function, XLOOKUP as the successor to and replacement for VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, our much loved friends.


This isn't the end of V and H, but XLookup is like a new car or a new phone and brings with it many improvements on our old faithful's, V and H in a number of ways:


  • Data arrays are now fully searchable - XLOOKUP goes to the left and to the right, above and below, whereas VLOOKUP only searches to the right of the lookup range, and HLOOKUP only below,


  • Individual ranges can be selected in the XLOOKUP formula from within a larger array so there is no need to column count,


  • XLOOKUP dynamically responds to alterations in an array meaning that search ranges no longer need to be reset if a column is inserted,


  • Additional optional fields in XLOOKUP allow for simple formula writing to search last-to-first, first-to-last, Exact match, next nearest number below and next nearest number above,


  • Search and return ranges no longer need to be ascending numerical order in XLOOKUP,


  • XLOOKUP can be added into formula for powerful search and report functionality.


If you are already using V & H, and want to find out more about the usability of XLookup, why not book onto a Live Online Learning session to cover just that.




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