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February 21, 2020

An exciting new collaboration between two Suffolk based companies Yeast and Green Shoots Learning are using research to develop a range of programs that help increase awareness of mental health issues and then build individuals resilience, allowing them to thrive when faced with challenging situations.

Government report finds East Anglia as having the lowest rate of mental health disorders in England


A recent government briefing document on mental health has found that the East of England ranks as having the lowest rate of common mental disorder (CMD) such as depression or anxiety in England.
On average across the country, 1 in 6 adults have experienced a CMD in the last week and whilst in East Anglia we have the lowest level in the country, it still means that 14% of adults on a weekly basis are suffering with their mental health, which is a shocking statistic.


In recent years, awareness of mental health issues has increased with high profile celebrities including Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow and even Prince Harry discussing openly the challenges they have faced. 
Awareness is only the first step in resolving the issue and to date there has been very little research which demonstrates that resilience can be rebuilt or developed through an intervention. The result is a lack of evidenced programmes to develop resilience and this can lead to frustration in those who have been made aware of the issue. Recent research, however, conducted by Pete Wortley, from Bury St Edmunds company Yeast, have demonstrated that mental toughness and resilience can be developed in individuals.
Through working on projects in schools, leisure and the commercial sector in East Anglia, Yeast have found that by delivering a carefully designed ‘Mental Toughness Development Programme’ in a specific way, participants can develop and rebuild their resilience.


As a result, they are able to thrive in, and enjoy, the levels of stress they once struggled with.


Green Shoots Learning have an extensive client base throughout East Anglia in both the charity and commercial sectors delivering mental health accredited training and soft skills development programmes. 


People can actually develop the ability to perform well under, and even enjoy, a level of pressure we currently find too stressful, they just need to build their resilience. We now understand how we can support them to do that” says Peter Wortley of Yeast Ltd.
Lorna Rose from Green Shoots Learning says "I am thrilled to be working with Yeast on building resilience. It is exciting to now be able to offer our clients the tools they need to not only recognise mental ill health and stress in the workplace, but to actively change people’s lives for the better by helping them become more resilient through our collaborative workshops and coaching programs."  

The Centre for Mental Health estimate that stress and mental health problems cost UK businesses an estimated £34.9 billion a year through staff absence, turnover and reduced productivity.


Our new collaboration is on hand to help the businesses who really want to achieve success in this area.  Watch out for more information on course content coming out soon, or contact us on 0333 344 4031 or email us.

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