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Bring eco-friendly IT Training to a desk near you

February 21, 2020

As Learning & Development professionals we have seen the world of training change in many ways over the years.


If I think back to the start of my career, everything was face to face classroom training there were no other viable option. Either someone from "Training" or another department would do some face to face training internally, or an external trainer would come in.


Don't get me wrong, this is still hugely popular and still delivers fantastic results, but the way we learn is changing dramatically. We live in a world that is centred around technology, which has lead to a huge increase in the number of online learning tools that are available, from webinars, to e-learning videos, to be able to complete degrees purely online.


You may or may not know this, but one of the reasons we are called Green Shoots Learning is that we do our best to consider sustainability and the environment in all that we do.


So we thought we would combine our two ethos's together, technology and sustainability, and have just started to implement live online IT training.


The concept being that you have a training session from the comfort of your own desk. You may be thinking this sounds like a webinar however with a webinar there is little opportunity to get involved whereas this option gives you the chance to fully participate.


How does it work?


We would send you some exercises via email before the session, or via the screen sharing software at the start. In the hour long session there will be an introduction from the tutor and you will be shown the activity (for whichever session you've signed up for), you will be given an overview of the feature by the experience trainer and then you will complete the exercises on your own computer.


If you get stuck, you have the opportunity to speak to or message the tutor with the added option of sharing screens if you need hands on support. You also have the opportunity to ask questions throughout as if you were in a session with the tutor and they were in the room.


The benefits:


This way of learning is advantageous on many levels.


  • It is a much more cost effective way of up-skilling your staff. We often find business', smaller ones in particular, can struggle to make a session worthwhile if they don't have enough staff to send on an internal workshop.

  • It is easily accessible to members of your team that may be scattered around in different locations.

  • It helps us all be more considerate of the planet and the resources we use. By reducing our carbon footprint by not driving to one location and reducing the use of paper as the exercises are emailed rather than printed.


Want to get involved?


We will be running various public session intermittently throughout the year and we are starting by looking at the new X-Lookup function which was recently released in Excel 365.  To allow us to get feedback on the platform, the usability and how successful Live Online Learning is, we are offering the first 10 people who reply to this post the opportunity to join in for free!  Just message us here to claim your place. 

Look out for other topics coming to a PC near you soon by checking out our events page and just let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to see on the agenda.


Let's all do our bit to help our environment and keep up to date on new features and tools in the Office 365 product range!


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