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"The person who doesn't read is no better off than the person who can't read"

March 4, 2020


The first Thursday of March is when we celebrate World Book Day! I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed fills up with pictures of everyone’s children going to school dressed as their favourite character from a book. I remember going once in one of my mum’s bridesmaid dresses from when she got married and my mum loosely linking it to a book I’d read. Despite it sounding like I wasn’t much into books; in fact, the opposite was true. I have always loved books. My dad tells me that before I could read, I would show him the pages of my books and make a story up and then when I could read, I would choose to do that rather than playing with toys.


Nothing has changed as an adult. Reading is something I am still such a huge fan of. I have a 2 year old son so that means I get to relive some of the classic books I used to read as a kid, such as the Percy the Park Keeper series by Nick Butterworth, which I love and so does he. But I also get to discover amazing new children’s books like the Gruffalo (which I have read so many times I can now do it from memory)


My genre of choice is generally crime. My favourite author being Karin Slaughter. When I was 12, I went on holiday and picked up one of her books in the hotel book swap area and it just so happened to be the first in her series of books and I was hooked. She still writes new books and I am eagerly awaiting her next one.


The one problem I hear repeatedly is that lots of people want to read but they don’t have time. Everyone has time for reading. You have 168 hours in the week, on average you spend approximately 40 of those hours per week at work (some more, some less) are you spending your remaining hours (128 hours) on something so useful that you can’t spare 1-2 hours per week reading a book? If you’re still struggling, you might benefit from attending one of our time management courses! Please get in touch if this is the case!



To celebrate World Book day, I thought that I would give you a couple of book recommendations both fictional and non-fictional in case you’re looking for a new book to read.

Fictional recommendations


The Tattooist of Auschwitz – Heather Morris

This is not my normal type of book that I would pick up from a shop. It was a birthday gift from my Auntie, who has a special talent for picking amazing books. I was putting off reading it because I wasn’t sure it was going to be my thing but boy am I glad I decided to read it. What a beautiful story amongst one of the most horrific events of our history. It’s a true story that has been written about a young man taken to Auschwitz who ended up being the tattooist (for any of you that aren’t familiar, each person that entered Auschwitz had a number tattooed onto their arm) and then he fell in love with another prisoner. The book tells their love story and their survival of Auschwitz. I always find the sign of a good book is one that stays with you after you’ve finished it. This one certainly did that. I learnt about WW2 at school but reading the brutal reality of what those concentration camps were like from the inside is devastating.



Before I go to sleep – S J Watson

I was given this book by my mother in law who had read it and thought I would like it. She had previously given me a book she thought I’d like which I didn’t enjoy at all, so I was a little reluctant to read it. Wow, just wow. This was right up my street. It was full of suspense, thrills, twists and turns. A real


psychological thriller. It was later turned into a film starring Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth. If you haven’t watched the film and don’t know the story line, then 100% read the book. It’s fantastic. When I read this, I remember my husband leaving to go to the gym and him returning a while later and I hadn’t moved an inch and then the next night I was cooking dinner whilst holding the book because I just could not put it down. I wont give too much away but it’s about a lady who is involved in an accident resulting in memory loss so every day she wakes up and her husband has to explain to her who he is, where she is and what happened. Things quickly start to not add up and not everything is what it appears to be.



Non-fictional recommendations


The Chimp Paradox – Prof. Steve Peters

I came across this book when I attended a Lunch & Learn session at my previous employer. My colleague was delivering the session and I found it so interesting that when I walked out of the session, I ordered the book on Amazon. It is a book on mind management and helps you to understand your emotions and just generally how you mind works. After I read the book, I handed it to my husband and encouraged him to read it. (I felt parts of the book perfectly summed me up so this would help him understand the way I am sometimes!) Not only is it good to help understand how your own mind works but it helps you to understand others. If you work with people you struggle to understand this may well be the key to unlocking that confusion. Well worth a read to anyone interested in the mind, psychology and emotional intelligence.




Not a diet book – James Smith

James Smith is an Australian personal trainer who has a big presence online. His ambition is to make losing fat a clearer process. He believes that the fitness industry is strife with false information about losing weight. I’ve followed him on Instagram for a while and he’s brutally honest about celebrities promoting diet fads to earn a few pounds, so when I saw that he was releasing a book I decided to pre-order it. It promises to change the way you think and act regarding weight loss and it did not disappoint. If you’re stuck in a rut and want to be healthier and lose some fat, then this an absolute must read for you!


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