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Does your business need to be more Agile at the moment?

March 13, 2020

Green Shoots Learning has always been a supporter of agile working, and with the threat of school closures and quarantine periods hanging over us, more businesses are probably going to have to look at how they work and how their employees access work.


With limited off-the-shelf laptops available in the UK and with an ongoing delay in getting tech on order, (we have clients who have been waiting for 10-12 weeks for laptops to be built and delivered), businesses really need to consider how employees will work, if a lock down is enforced.


For any business already using Office 365, there are lots of tools that will help, even if the business hasn’t considered using them before.  The best bit is that the business doesn’t even need to buy new equipment, if your employees have personal laptops or tablets which they are happy to use for a short time. As long as there is a business premium or business essentials 365 licence, employees will be able to access email and Microsoft web apps, or download the full desktop software to their personal device.  (Even if they don't have this they could use the free Microsoft Account connected with X-Box to access some of the online tools).


We have been speaking to a company in Dublin who have been looking at rolling out 365 Teams, but haven’t yet done so. With an Irish lock down already in place, they are pushing ahead immediately to try and limit its impact on their business.


Green Shoots Learning has lots of experience in rolling out Office 365 tools such as OneDriveTeams and SharePoint, which will all help in keeping employees connected and productive, should a UK lock down come into force.


We can provide immediate consultancy to help you set up Teams and Channels and move files from an existing server into the Microsoft Cloud. You’ll be pleased to hear this can be done on-site or remotely, whichever you feel more comfortable with (although our team is all fit and healthy). 




With over 150 videos and PDF guides on the key 365 topics already available, and the ability to run live online learning as a replacement for face to face workshops, we have your staff training needs covered too.


What are the essential files and projects you need to keep your business moving, if a lock down is enforced?  A business doesn't need to move everything to the cloud, just the information that is vital to keep going.


Let us help you and your employees continue to be productive no matter what happens in the next few weeks and months.




Call us on 0333 344 4031 or email us to book a Teams call to discuss your challenges and find out how we can help, or book an online session now via our bookings module.



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