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Soft Skill training

Our Personal Development workshops are interactive, informal and full of discussion and conversation, so delegates learn from each other as well as from the trainer. We try, wherever possible, to combine relevant software topics with our soft skill courses so you get the best all round workshop. So for example our 'Powerful Presentations' workshop will look at the skills you need to make a memorable presentation but we will also look at the software available to do it.


To find out what public courses we have scheduled for the next few months click here, but remember with an in-house course the content can be tailored to suit your business requirements, processes and protocols. Course price includes all refreshments (except when in-house), support materials via our virtual learning environment, post course evaluation and four-week follow-up.

Art of Communication

Is your message getting through? This workshop breaks down communication into key areas and can be run as either a group of meal-time learning events or as a one-off full day workshop. Communication is key to everything that we do, so why risk sending out the wrong message?

Building a Healthier Relationship with Email

Email use has dramatically increased over the last couple of years. Has it left you 'drowning' in email? This workshop will help you to never miss an important email again as well as giving you back lots of time. One not to be missed.

Building rapport over the telephone

It doesn't matter what role we have in a business, we all represent it on the phone. This workshop considers what our client's want when they call, gets delegates to think about what their business represents and what tools we have in our tool-kit to build rapport and relationships no matter what the call outcome.

Coaching for Success

Coaching is a key part to most people’s jobs, even if you don’t realise it. Often faced with new employees coming back and asking you the same questions? Someone in your team struggling to reach their goals?


This workshop combines theory and models with time to practice the skills you have learnt in a safe environment.  At the end of the course you will be confident in providing coaching to your colleagues.

Creating and Converting Winning Sales Workshop

This workshop will help you increase turnover by making more sales and improving your margins whilst negotiating the best deal for you and the business you work for.

It will help you to understand how to improve your sales by using key techniques to present the benefits of your product /services.

This workshop is ideal for anyone seeking to move into a more sales focused role, or those seeking to incorporate sales techniques into their current position.

Creating & Delivering Memorable Presentations

Does public speaking form part of your job role? How would you rank your style and levels of engagement?  If you think there is room for improvement or you would like to build your confidence in a safe environment then this workshop is for you. It is full of tips on preparation, software, engagement and much more. Don't let people forget your message, be heard and remembered!

Effective Conflict Management

As we all know, at work people disagree – unfortunately from time to time these disagreements can develop into arguments and create a conflict. Conflict management is an ideal way to “nip the problem in the bud” and defuse the situation early on. This course is designed to support your team in understanding the importance of conflict management and how to effectively deal with conflicts that arise in the workplace. It also provides a reference point to enable you to deal with conflicts in a clear, rational, assertive and non-aggressive manner.

At the end of the course you will feel more confident during conflict situations. Your trainer will ensure you get the best possible result from the situation with minimal fuss and in the shortest possible time.

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Emotional Intelligence a key skill to have in all aspects of your work and home life. It helps us work better with our colleagues, reduces stress, increases our resilience and helps us hugely when supervising or managing a team. 


This introductory course looks at the 5 aspects of Emotional Intelligence and how emotionally intelligent you are.


At the end of the course you will feel more confident during conflict situations. Your trainer will ensure you get the best possible result from the situation with minimal fuss and in the shortest possible time.

Getting More Done in Less Time

Do you hear yourself saying 'I just don't have time for that?' or are you always the last one out of the office? We can help you achieve more with effective time management tools that can easily become an everyday part of your business life.

Handling Challenging Customers

Have you ever had to face or talk to an unhappy customer?  How did it make you feel and did you achieve the desired outcome?  This practical workshop examines the factors that bring about complaints and goes on to consider how we can manage client expectations and provides tips and tricks for resolving issues.

Project Management for Non-Project Managers

This workshops is designed for people who manage business projects as part of their roles, but who are not solely project managers. For example those working in facilities management, practice management or office management who are tasked with rolling out new IT products, office moves or branching into new markets.

Running Effective Meetings

Do you struggle to organise or focus the meetings that you run? This workshop is full of practical advice on organising meetings, facilitating meetings, including taking minutes and following agendas. Not to be missed if your time is at risk from overrunning and ineffective meetings.

Science of Customer Care

We all appreciate that customer care is vital to a successful business, and that it's much easier to keep an existing customer happy than to win new ones.  That's why this course takes you through all of the skills and techniques you need to provide fantastic service and keep your clients coming back.

Stress Management - Building Resilience

Stress at work is part of the H&S Directive and is a topic we should all take seriously. With Mental Health high on the agenda in so many organisations it is essential that we can recognise our own stress triggers and understand how we can build resilience to stress. 


At the end of the course you will feel more resilient to stress within your workplace.

The Power of Delegation

This is an extremely practical workshop which looks at what can be achieved in a team or working relationship when the power of delegation is used correctly. If you or someone you know is 'the first and the last in the office' or you regularly hear yourself say 'I would just love some more time' delegation could help you.

Train the Trainer Essential

This full day workshop is designed for employees who are involved in delivering in-house training.  The course looks at learning styles, learning technologies, 1:1 coaching and workshop planning. Which are all essential for designing and delivering induction training.

Train The Trainer Masterclass

This two day (non-consecutive days) workshop is designed for professionals who are involved in providing in-house staff training and who wish to enhance their ability to train others. The course provides a greater understanding of learning styles, learning technologies and workshop planning. It also provides a fantastic opportunity to practice delivery in a completely safe environment and to hone your skills.

Unconscious Bias and Inclusion

Equality and diversity is all about treating people fairly and with respect. Part of this is looking at our unconscious bias and the impact it has on the choices and decisions we make within the workplace.  This workshop includes real life examples to demonstrate the importance of a equality and diversity.

Using Assertive Behaviour

Having a lack of confidence at work can cause you big problems and you can sometimes find yourself saying 'yes' to tasks that don't belong to you.  You may feel it is easier to say 'yes' than to be assertive and say 'no'. This workshop will give you a great understanding of the importance of assertiveness and how it can be used to make it easier for you to handle difficult people and difficult situations.

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Creating memorable learning through flexibility 

We probably can’t provide all of the answers to all of your questions online so please call us on 0333 344 4031  to discuss your requirements or book your free 1 hour no-obligation consultation. 


The workshop content above is provided purely as a guide as all Green Shoots Learning courses are customised to best suit your business requirements. Pre-workshop consultancy is provided for all bookings, either in person or over the telephone where we will work with you to build in your company procedures and best practice.  


All workshops and courses include full support materials accessed from The GSL-Anytime platform, note-pad and pen, all exercises and any printed handouts required for the day, on-line evaluation, personal action cards, individual 4 week delegate follow up and a full post-workshop Client report.


Our workshops can be run on-site or at a convenient public location (we will even sort out room hire for you if needed), across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

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