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Talent Management

Here at Green Shoots Learning we believe that having the right team is the key to any business achieving it's goals. With approaches to effective talent and people management becoming increasingly evidence-based, we have teamed up with Talman HR (Chris Wright Msc) to help our clients develop their talent through a range of courses which will encourage your organisation to adopt an outcomes-focused approach to people management.

The workshops listed below can be delivered in your office for up to 12 employees. However, if you are looking for just a couple of places drop us an email and we will do our best to run a public workshop in your area.  


Chris is a graduate from Kent Business School, as well as being a fully qualified CiPD HR professional. As a full-time wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy, he understands the need for a proactive approach to help people navigate and overcome any difficulties relating to employment and the pursuit of a successful and fulfilling career.  Chris also offers consultancy services covering these areas.


Why talent management is important for your business

This full day workshop explores the importance of Talent Management not only in a traditional recruitment and selection sense, but also an economic one.

Individual topics include:-

  • Talent Pools 

  • Succession Planning

  • Leadership + Management Development

  • Career Management

  • Talent Engagement + Retention

Being able to select the right candidate, put them in the right job/place, at the right time is often critical to business survival and success regardless of business size.  

Talent Planning Masterclass

Our one day talent planning masterclass focuses on forecasting labour supply and demand and developing plans to reconcile any future gaps that are identified. 

The workshop looks at the following topics:-

  • Estimating the future demand for labour

  • Forecasting the extent to which human resource needs can be met internally

  • Assessing how far and by what means the demand for human resources can be met by external labour markets

  • Giving advice on strategies to reconcile labour supply and demand

  • Evaluating talent planning effectiveness


Managing Dismissals Effectively

Being able to manage dismissals effectively is a key part of managed leave elements stages of Talent Management.

This full day workshop covers:-

  • Managing the process for dismissing employees on grounds of ill-health and misconduct

  • Compiling the documentation required in the dismissal process

  • Advising line managers and other colleagues about the major requirements of the law as it relates to dismissal

  • Distinguishing between gross and ‘ordinary’ misconduct

  • Distinguishing between unfair and wrongful dismissal

Dismissing individual employees is probably the most difficult task that people management professionals undertake, requiring considerable skill and judgement. Let us help you do it right!

Flexible Working Practices

There has been increasing interest in issues of flexibility at work in recent years – due to a belief that this can link to sustained competitive advantage:

This full day workshop explores the following topics:-

  • Distinguishing between the concepts of functional, numerical and temporal flexibility

  • Leading/Contributing to a programme of increased functional flexibility or multi-skilling

  • Advising on the main advantages and disadvantages of employing people on part-time or fixed-term contracts

  • Advising on the merits of using subcontractors or homeworkers to carry out organisational activities

Succession Planning Masterclass

Succession planning involves preparing thoughtfully and systematically for the time when key/senior post-holders leave the organisation.

Our specialist full day workshop looks at the following topics:-

  • Defining succession planning and set out its potential advantages for organisations

  • Advising about how to carry out the major stages of a succession planning exercise

Attending this workshop will help you guarantee your business has sufficient numbers of people with the ability, knowledge and personal attributes necessary to step into senior roles when they become vacant.

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A little bit more about our workshops;


All of the workshops listed above are designed to be delivered in a one day workshop.  They all incorporate:-


  • managed group discussions

  • workbook content (as an aide memoir)

  • ‘real life examples’ to work through

  • action plan to help delegates implement their learning

As with all Green Shoots Learning workshops delegates will receive;

  • note pad and pen

  • any additional course resources will be provided electronically

  • an online evaluation will be carried out post-workshop

  • a full report on evaluation results will be provided to the client

  • follow up on the action cards will be carried out and reported on 4-6 weeks following the workshop

Creating memorable learning through flexibility 

We probably can’t provide all of the answers to all of your questions online so please call us on 0333 344 4031  to discuss your requirements or book your free 1 hour no-obligation consultation. 


The workshop content above is provided purely as a guide as all Green Shoots Learning courses are customised to best suit your business requirements. Pre-workshop consultancy is provided for all bookings, either in person or over the telephone where we will work with you to build in your company procedures and best practice.  


All workshops and courses include full support materials accessed from The GSL-Anytime platform, note-pad and pen, all exercises and any printed handouts required for the day, on-line evaluation, personal action cards, individual 4 week delegate follow up and a full post-workshop Client report.


Our workshops can be run on-site or at a convenient public location (we will even sort out room hire for you if needed), across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Greater London.

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