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Course Overview


Do you ever hear yourself saying “That isn’t what I wanted to achieve from that conversation”?


You are not alone. Miscommunication or feeling unable to communicate your idea to a colleague or team is commonplace. Green Shoots Learning provides the art of communication workshop which looks at communication skills and styles in separation from specific work situations.


The workshop looks at how you can get your message across clearly and unambiguously – so getting your message through. 


Course Prerequisites


There are no course prerequisites for this workshop.


Overall Aim


For delegates to leave the workshop understanding the communication process and how they can influence this to better achieve their desired outcomes.




  • To describe the steps that make up the communication process

  • To list the different communication channels available to us

  • To recognise what your preferred communication channel is and why

  • To recognise your own barriers to good communication and how to overcome them

  • To understand the importance of creating clear unambiguous communications

  • To understand the importance of feedback in communication



Course Breakdown


Section 1
  • The communication process

Section 2
  • Barriers to good communication

  • What are your personal barriers and what do you encounter from others

Section 3
  • What is the message you want to communicate?

  • How to encode that message to help others understand

Section 4
  • What communication channels are available in 2014?

  • When and where should these channels be used?

Section 5
  • Being on the receiving end - what impacts on how the message is understood?

  • Listening skills

  • Stopping preconceived perceptions and ideas influencing our reactions

Section 6
  • Finding out if your message was understood

  • Reflecting on feedback and improving



Content will vary depending on workshop length chosen. Full support materials are provided via access to our virtual learning environment together with online evaluation and post-course follow-up.



The Art of Communication

2010 - present

2010 - present

Creating flexiblity through customisation

The workshops above costs £950 + VAT based on a maximum group size of 12 delegates.


We probably can’t provide all of the answers to all of your questions online so please call us on 0333 344 4031  to discuss your requirements.


The workshop content above is provided purely as a guide as all Green Shoots Learning courses are customised to best suit your business requirements. Pre-workshop consultancy is provided for all bookings, either in person or over the telephone where we will work with you to build in your company procedures and best practice.  


All workshops and courses include full support materials accessed from The Green Shoots Academy e-learning platform, note-pad and pen, all exercises and any printed handouts required for the day, on-line evaluation, personal action cards, individual 4 week delegate follow up and a full post-workshop Client report.


Our workshops can be run on-site or at a convenient public location (we will even sort out room hire for you if needed), across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

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